28 July 2010

Back in the Saddle

Just as I guessed, three days after we left on vacation, the construction started. I can't believe how fast things are going. The toddler room has a new door to the outside (Fire Department required they have two exits/entrances). The came in and cut through a window last week, and as of today the door was officially hung. The preschool bathroom is completely ripped apart to put in new kiddie-sized toilets. It's amazing how quickly they are working--the whole bathroom is supposed to be done by next week. Sinks are going in both preschool rooms (the holes have already been cut and the pipes are ready to go). The elementary bathrooms have been disassembled and are being reassembled hourly.

The playground has fill up to the edge of the concrete slab. So no one will be tempted to go flying off the side of the slab. Bids for the fence have been submitted, so that will likely go up next week. Equipment has been purchased, and all we have to do is get the soil and sod going, and we'll be in business. I'll post pictures on the school's website soon.

Parents are calling like crazy. While the teachers are busy creating their classrooms from scratch (shelves, furniture, lessons, etc.), I'm planning the Grand Opening celebration. I'm so excited that we have a very special guest coming for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Can't say who it is...

Other folks from the Homestead City Council and Homestead Main Street Committee are coming, too. Plus we'll have the Greater Miami Youth Symphony and the Boy Scouts there!

All in all a really crazy two-week period. We are in high gear at this point.

Spread your wings!

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