24 January 2012

Picture of me before leaving academia...

Picture of me now...

Crazy, but I get random people coming up to me telling me how beautiful my silver hair is! Whether it's at a professional conference, in Walmart, or at the grocery store, I appreciate the kudos for going natural. It's a lot easier than dying it every month, putting heels everyday, and trying to pretend I like a job I didn't. At Atala, I love everyday and consider myself so very fortunate to be working in an environment promoting a positive attitude and making a difference in the world.

Spread your wings!

09 January 2012

Coming out of the walls!

Have been having an awesome January so far at Atala! One small set back with a competitor making "anonymous parent" calls to various groups. But as the inspectors all say, 'the calls are completely unfounded.' When you run a clean business, you will always come out on top.

Now the great news: we have had 7 new students enroll since November and another 2-4 will start this month! We are splitting the Upper Elementary and Middle School so each will have their own room next year. And if things keep moving the way they are, we will be needing a third preschool rooms. We have even discussed having an infant room if the need arises. All in all we have been extremely busy and the phone is ringing off the hook.

This month is our Rodeo Days celebration so we'll be heading to Redland Riding Academy for the festivities. We will also have a party for our parents and start an Atala Family Appreciation Week at the end of the month. Can't talk too much more about that right now as I know many of our parents read my "Diary."  :)

Spread Your Wings!