14 October 2010

Worth repeating

So it's kind of a cop-out to repost something I wrote on Facebook on my blog, but this one is really funny and points out how awesome it is that I can around to laugh and joke with my kids a lot more this year than I have the last four years:

Livya: We should get a little pig.
Me: With all the animals we have, why do we need a pig?
Livya: Because pigs make bacon!
Liam and me: (total silence followed by hysterical laughter)
Me: Livya, pigs don't *make* bacon, they *are* bacon!
Livya: (realizing what I just said) No! That's so sad and gross!

Spread your wings!

09 October 2010

Been so long

It's been almost three weeks since I have written. I can't believe how fast times flies when you're having fun and working hard. The kids are all loving school and their teachers, and everyone seems to be very happy.

Nearly all of the teachers, administrators, and assistants attended a Montessori workshop at Alexander Montessori last weekend. It was a lot of fun for me both as a parent and now a new administrator at Atala. The owners attended a meeting of all the owners of Montessori Schools in South Florida (east and west coasts). This group will now start to hold quarterly meetings so we can all get together and talk about various issues. As a parent I got a better picture of some of the things involved at the upper elementary and middle school levels. Since I've had two go through preschool I feel like I at least have a overview of what goes on in those rooms, but I was pretty clueless about the older kids. If you think it's awesome when your preschooler comes home and talk about Christopher Columbus, just wait and see what they say about science later on! Very cool!

New things on the horizon--PE will now include martial arts and we're starting a martial arts afterschool program, too. We are also starting to think about our Winter Production which will take place in December. We have launched a lot of fundraising projects in the last month--Box Tops (thank you Jannah), Capri Sun pouches collection (thank you Mrs. Foster and the parents for saving all of these), and we are preparing for the First Annual Atala Chili Cook-Off! So far we have 8 entries, but I have about a dozen more people who are up for the challenge. I have scored some very cool prizes for the winners, so I hope everyone comes out to eat some good food and hang out with friends! I'm really trying to include not only out current parents and friends, but also families, friends, and neighbors who may not be as familiar with Atala. We hope to have a great party and earn some money to support our scholarship resources and playground fund.

Not much else new. Life is good. There are a lot of long hours this first year, and I think we're all exhausted, but I know that as we continue to grow and mature as an organization, we will be able to relax a bit...and then there's always Thanksgiving break!

Spread your wings!