17 November 2011

Happy days

Just getting over a terrible case of bronchitis, feeling down because of being sick, and suddenly we have the phone ringing off the hook with new students! We have three new kids starting on the Monday after Thanksgiving, 1 starting the first of January, and three more starting as soon as they can possibly transfer to Atala. What a fabulously great week this has turned out to be! We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on this miserable economy. Our parents are happy, the kids are happy, and we have new families calling and emailing every week. Definitely a good feeling!

We're working on our Winter Production, a fabulous show based on the theme of "Peace." All the kids are starting to learn songs for the Christmas Tree Lighting. And we're buzzing along with Thanksgiving preparations for next week.

Not much else to say. Life is good.

Spread Your Wings!