09 July 2012

On Vacation

Back from the Galapagos and on to Destin!

Spread your wings!

02 July 2012

Home again, home again!

Yesterday morning at 6 am we took the boat from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz Island. Colby was the only passenger to puke (twice). So all in all it was a much better trip. But we were all wiped out! Here's our day:

Wake in Isabela, 5 am
Water taxi to bigger boat
Boat to Santa Cruz
Pick-up truck taxis to the ferry between Santa Cruz and Baltra (this was 30 minutes of high-speed driving through the mountains--I think this trip actually made the bulk of us sicker than the boat ride.)
Ferry from Santa Cruz to Baltra (one student fell in the water because she got too close for a last-minute picture of a pelican)
Ferry to bus (they nearly left five of us, including Liam, Livya, and me behind!)
Bus to airport
Airplane to Quito
Bus to the hotel
Arrive 6 pm

So we were all exhausted and went looking for the quickest place to grab a bite. The hotel clerk mentioned three places, one of which was a Colombian steakhouse, which we immediately settled on. Too exhausted to budge, Liam stayed back and watched Cody Banks in Spanish.

We invited a UM student along with us and all had a great time! Brought food home to Liam, stopped and bought some pastries for breakfast, and got Livya some gelato.

Woke up at 3 am this morning to hop on a 4 am bus to the airport. That really left us all hurting! We all had headaches either because of the altitude or maybe the MSF the steakhouse used. Regardless, it was a welcomed relief to finally get on the plane home.

But after that we had an uneventful flight back to Miami.

We all miss the Galapagos—it was a amazing adventure, one that we definitely hope to go on next year! I'll post more pictures as soon as I've had a chance to download them.

Spread your wings!