05 August 2012


So much going on since I got back from vacation. It was certainly nice having about 5 weeks of travel time, but it's time to get back to work and fast!

We are expanding. Seems like we are constantly expanding, but that's a good thing, especially in this economy. We have decided to double the size of our toddler room. Things took about 1.5 years to really get rolling in that room, but we are starting this coming year with 12 toddlers! Amazing to think that only a year or so ago we had 4.

Middle School is also growing. We have hired three part-time teachers who are going to be absolutely awesome! We had an official meet and greet this past Thursday and everyone came away with very positive feedback. We even recruited a new 7th grader student to the class that very night. This class will also be small at first, but I anticipate the class doubling in size by next year.

New Spanish teacher, new art teacher, and 76 students to start the year! In our first year we began with only 42 students and now in our third year we're up to 76 to start. We should hit 100 by next year if all goes well.

We are also undergoing accreditation this fall. This is extremely important and something we have been working towards since we opened. The report is completed and we are all awaiting the visit. I'll keep you all posted!

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