10 February 2012

Not in Kansas Anymore

Attending in Appleton, Wisconsin with weather in the teens and snow falling outside. The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) national conference is this weekend and I have had the great privilege of serving as its president for the past four years.

Hanging out with academics the whole weekend. While the transition out of FIU has been an easy one, I still hold onto the ties to outside organizations like this one. Been fun seeing longtime (don't want to say "old") friends and having a good time. Tomorrow is my last day of serving as president of this group, which will again solidify the movement away from academia. It's sad that more non-academics are not part of this group. I think they would find it worthwhile--trading information, software, performances, etc. Can't wait to be back home working with the kids.

Spread your wings!