08 December 2011

Simply Amazing

I am continually amazed at the fact that people who we thought were out of lives, had moved on with theirs, pop back up again. But really, we are doing what we need to do, keeping our noses clean, and completely above board. We have the City of Homestead's support and blessings, yet some very petty people find the need to try to derail our beautiful school at every turn. Fortunately none of these lame attempts have work. We have a clean operation and that's that. Bad business practices will never win over good. Always take the high road and stay positive.

Spread Your Wings!

06 December 2011

Crazy times...

We are having a terrific winter so far. Only 8 more school days until our Winter break. The kids were invited to sing at the Historic Downtown Homestead Christmas Tree Lighting again this year. So much fun!

Five new children started this week and the phone has literally been ringing off the hook the last few days. Tours are being given 2-3 times each day, every day. Crazy times, but awesome.

Got some news that may be good, but we haven't figured out how and when to move forward. More on that when I have a bit more information.

I love my family, my job, my colleagues, the Atala kids, and my life. Couldn't ask for anything more. Just needing a little guidance on the future. But that will come.

Spread Your Wings!