26 December 2010

End-of-the-year thoughts

We've had a wonderful Christmas--time off with the family, not stressing over the job. There are too many "bests" to list this year, but the best thing for our family has been my leaving academia. We are off on a grand new adventure and so far things are looking very bright. We have made so many new friends and really feel like we're a part of Homestead instead of just living in it. The kids are thriving, and Colby and I are very involved in our new church, Speedway Community.

All the grandparents are coming in for the New Year (and a second family Christmas). Our thoughts are with Colby's nephew Drake, a two-time cancer survivor, and Colby's grandfather, who been in the hospital three times since Thanksgiving.

Life takes strange turns and twists, and sometimes it's just best to take advantage of the new opportunities rather than shying away from them. This year has literally turned on its head for us, for me, but it's been a fantastic family experience. And I am especially grateful for the four other families who have become forever linked in the Atala experience: the Howarths, the Morgans, the Scheffs, and the Valles. We are also so very thankful to the other families and friends who joined us on this "fantastic voyage" from its inception.

Happy New Year and don't forget to Spread Your Wings!

17 December 2010

I love my life

Can't really say more than that. I'll post an update about the last two crazy weeks in another day or so. But right now I'm listening to Livya sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while she's in the shower. Too cute! Another moment I would have missed if I'd been commuting 2 hours a day.

Have an awesome Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you may be celebrating this time of year. We are in major planning for the 7th annual Burns-Leider Pig (and Turkey) Roast on January 1st. Hope you all can make it. We had 117 folks last year, and I'd like to break 200 this year!

Spread your wings!

03 December 2010


I can't believe how time flies. We made it back from an awesome Thanksgiving in Texas with all of Colby's family. Now Christmas is only three weeks away! School is buzzing with Hanukkah decorations and food, Christmas preparations, giant snowflakes to fill and hang, and so much more. The kids are singing at Losner Park next Friday, our Atala Winter Production is the Thursday after that, and then the last day of school is Friday, December 17.

So different than years' past when I had to work through our holiday break, Spring break, and all summer. 2011 is going to be fantastic! My family is setting up the tree this weekend and decorating everything like crazy. Can't wait to get started on the 7th Annual Burns-Leider Pig Roast! More on that later.

Spread your wings!