23 April 2011

Strange, but true

So it's been nearly 2 months since I sent my letter of resignation to FIU.  I have not received official confirmation that they got the letter let alone got the letter. When I wrote her, my friend who works in the dean's office did email me back to let me know that "they" received my letter and were working on a response. Two months and still no response at all? I know it's too much to ask for someone to actually thank me for my 14 years of work, but a simple breakdown of the sick leave pay the owed me would have been the professional thing to do. I had a mysterious deposit from FIU in my bank account, but I have nothing to let me know how many sick-leave hours I had, how much tax was taken out, and what the rate of pay was for the sick leave. It's not at all surprising given the lack of professionalism in the College of Architecture + The Arts, but it is disappointing.

On a happier note, several of my former students got accepted into great graduate schools including University of Oregon and Brown.

And coolest of all, Colby and I had a terrific article written about us in the Miami Herald: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/02/2145726/the-sound-saver.html. Strange thing was I received a call from a former boss at FIU telling me that it's too bad the author didn't mention that I'm a composer and not giving me enough press. Apparently he didn't read the article and completely missed the point. We collaborate on things. It's not about who gets the top line of the article, it's about the difference you can make in your community.

Spread your wings!

01 April 2011

Science Fair and Art Show

This has been a year of firsts and tonight was no exception. The 1st annual Atala Science Fair and Art Show was awesome! The kids focused on recycled art, found art, reusing and repurposing materials, and everyone did a great job! I'll post pictures on our Facebook account.

Had two more registrations for next year just today and a lead on several properties for our permanent home.

So glad it's Friday! Spread Your Wings and breathe!