08 July 2010


We had a great donation that arrived from an angel--an upright piano. It's all set up in the entrance hallway, and kids were playing "It's a Small World" and other songs all day. How awesome to hear live music throughout the day!

The office is nearly all set. We will be receiving a second desk and miscellaneous file cabinets from another angel very soon. Then all that's left is to start hanging pictures and making it more personal.

Yet another angel is working on a mural for my door. Don't tell anyone--it's going to be unveiled on Saturday. And it will look awesome have had special properties that no other administrative door in the county has. Super, secret surprise coming your way! I'll take lots of pictures and post them.

Tomorrow I have a couple of companies coming to give us quotes for the final line of fence for the playground. Hopefully that will be put in next week and we can start working on that space.

Everything is looking pretty spiffy these days! The final angel of the day came and mowed the lawn, trimmed the sidewalk, picked up some awesome Mexican food for lunch, and poured me a glass of wine this evening...  :)

Spread your wings!

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